Pocket Expense FAQ

What is the difference between free and the paid version?
The difference is advertisements. The paid versioni has no advertisements.


How to transfer data from Lite version to Full version?

In current version, please make sure those both latest free and paid versions are installed on your device. Go to the free version and go to “Settings”-> “Support” ->“Migrate Data to Full Version”.


Can I backup my data?
You can backup your data anytime you have a network connection. Go to“Backup & Restore” and follow the steps on that page.


How to move my data in iPhone into iPad?
In current version, synchronization between Pocket Expense is not supported yet. If you want to transfer your data, please use Backup & Restore feature.
a) Move your data in iPhone to your PC by using Backup feature in Settings module.
b) Restore your data to iPad by using Restore feature in Settings.


How to delete a transaction?
You can swipe the entry horizontally to make delete button revealed.


How to add my own categories?
You can add a category when you create a new transaction, find the category option and tap on the “Edit” button on the top right. You can also go to “Settings” -> “Categories” to manage all the categories.


Where can I find the user manual?
You can go to “Settings” -> “Support” to find the help file. If you have any problem, you can send us a feedback. You’ll get the response in a short time.