Mind Map Management

Create a new mind map

1. Create a new mind map from “Create New Map”. There are 3 simple and 6 typical templates.

2. Enter a topic name, it also as the map’s title.

Add a topic

1. Tap the right triangle to add a subtopic, tap the left triangle to add a sibling topic.
2. Double-tap any blank space to add a subtopic. At write mode, it will add a sibling topic.

Edit topic text

1. Double-tap in the topic to edit text.
2. You can use the Tool bar above the keyboard to adjust the cursor position.

Move a topic or branch

1. Tap and drag a topic to move it.
2. Drag a topic hover another topic, there will be a red square on it, if you release the topic you hold, it will become the other one’s subtopic.
3. Drag a topic far enough, it will become a floating.

Modified a topic
1. At focus state (both sides have triangle), tap the topic to call out editor.
2. You can adjust 6 properties of topic, and apply the change to children, sibling or all topics.

Color: You can adjust the color of background and border respectively. There are 12 preset colors, you can tap the flip button to use palette

Shape: There are 6 shapes to choose from.

Text: There are 16 colors, tap the flip button, you can adjust the front and size.

Icons: There are 5 groups, total 25 icons. “Remove” to delete the latest icon, “Clear” to delete all icons in the topic.

Attachment: You can add photo from your device or take a photo as an attachment. There are 38 images in library.

Boundary: Tap on the line to edit or delete it. 4 styles and 12 colors to choose from. And you can adjust its pattern and weight.

Action Plate
1. Tap and hold a topic to call out the Action Plate.
2. There are 6 features, slip on the plate to choose a feature, release to select.

Tap the related topic to create a relationship.
Tap the line to edit or delete it.
Tap “+” to add note for the relationship.
Drag the point on the line to adjust the shape of it.

Copy: Copy the branch.
Cut: Cut the branch.
Paste: Paste branch as subtopic.
Delete: Delete the topic or the branch.
Callout: Add a callout for the topic. Tap on the Callout to edit or delete it.

Quick Zoom
Click the eye button to quick zoom in/out.